OEM Tea Products

Yoshantea can process tea leaves and produce tea products (OEM), and all work items can be customized.

If you are not using Yoshantea's tea, you only need to send all the tea leaves to be packaged to Yoshantea for sampling and inspection of pesticide residues, and after confirming that the pesticide residues are following the regulations, you can proceed with the OEM production.

Tea processing services:

  • Stem picking: Remove the outer stems from the tea leaves.
  • Removal of foreign matter: Use infrared foreign matter sorting machine to remove the foreign matter in tea leaves, including the matter similar to the color of tea leaves.
  • Metal Removal: Remove metal foreign objects from tea leaves.
  • Roasting: Using heat to change the flavor of tea, providing customized flavor service.

Tea OEM service items:

  • OEM Packaging: Customers provide packaging materials, or assist customers to find common packaging materials, Yoshantea carries out tea packaging.
  • Packaging production and tea packaging: Customers provide design, Yoshantea produces packaging materials and tea packaging.
  • Packaging Design, Production and Tea Packaging (ODM): Customers provide ideas, Yoshantea designs and produces packaging materials and tea packaging.


  • Complete tea OEM solution.
  • The production line has international food certification FSSC22000.
  • Customized tea flavor and packaging methods.
  • Rapid sampling to confirm flavor and design.
  • Variety of tea flavors to choose from.
  • Traceability
  • Guaranteed Pure Taiwan Tea.
  • Pesticide residue inspection report for each batch of tea leaves.
  • Production line complies with food safety regulations.
  • Accept customer interviews.

Target: Tea companies, tea branding companies, tea traders, tea start-ups, corporate purchasing, marketing companies, public relations companies, VIP customer gifts, wedding favors, anniversary tea storage.

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