Tea Party Organizer, Tea Course Organizer

Yoshantea can assist in organizing tea parties, tea-related education, and training, sharing tea knowledge and the beauty of drinking tea.


  • Professional team: Yoshantea's core team are all masters of tea majors.
  • International experience: We have experience in organizing international tea ceremonies, such as inviting mainland China, Japan, and Korea to Taiwan ,for tea cultural exchanges, and organizing tea ceremonies with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in France.
  • Rich Courses: Tea education and training are rich in content, including knowledge of tea science, visits to tea gardens, tea tasting experiences, tea brewing experiences, tea baking experiences, and tea making experiences.
  • Multi-language: Tea ceremonies and courses can be conducted in Chinese and English.
  • Customized Service: Customize the tea party and tea course according to your needs.
  • Relaxing experience: Tea accessories are prepared by Yoshantea.

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