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Yoshantea|Growning and Making Tea Since1880 Yoshantea has its own tea gardens, as well as tea gardens under contract with many tea farmers in various tea producing areas. The tea processing line has passed the FSSC22000 food safety certification, providing customers with safe and assured quality tea products. Over the past hundred years, in addition to providing delicious tea, we have also organized tea party experiences and tea education and training. We also believe that safety is the only real good tea.

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Why Yoshantea?
Yoshantea has been providing tea production solutions for many years. Since 1980, Yoshantea has been providing safe and high quality Taiwan tea to domestic and international tea companies, and since 2000, Yoshantea has been providing OEM tea production services. With strict food safety and production management, and immediate customer service, Yoshantea is the best partner in your tea journey.

  1. Artistic Heritage: A century-old tea-making family with traditional tea-making craftsmanship originated from Dong Ding Mountain, specializing in the production of delicious, safe, and hygienic tea.
  2. International Certification: The production line has passed the FSSC22000 certification, which is one of the strictest food certification systems in the world.
  3. Guarantee of Origin: All tea leaves come from Taiwan.
  4. Direct Delivery: Tea leaves come from tea gardens with direct partnership with the tea producers.
  5. Pesticide Residue Inspection: All teas have passed SGS pesticide residue inspection, and we can provide pesticide residue inspection reports, and the pesticide residue inspection results are in line with the target market's legal specifications.
  6. Real-time update: A database of pesticide laws and regulations of different countries is established to detect whether the pesticide residues of tea leaves are following the regulations at any time, thus eliminating the risk of differences in pesticide residue laws and regulations of different countries.
  7. Halal Certification: The product line has passed the HALAL certification, which is following the Islamic Shariah regulations.
  8. Food Grade: The packaging environment is in accordance with the hygienic food factory.
  9. Traceability: Tea products can be traced back.
  10. Small quantity and variety: Small quantities of tea and can be customized, can assist in packaging production.
  11. Variety of choices: More than 60 choices of tea materials according to grades, origins, and flavors, and customized roasting to adjust flavors.
  12. Expert Approval: Yoshantea has won many awards in international tea competitions, including the AVPA Gold Medal in France and the highest gold medal in the World Green Tea Competition in Japan.
  13. Professional Team: Yoshantea's core team all have master's degrees in tea, combining tea-making experience with tea science, and have experience in selling tea in the international market.
  14. Education and Training: We provide our clients with professional education and training on tea knowledge.
  15. Ease of creation: One-on-one personalized service, including tea flavor selection, budget control, packaging and production conditions, tea store functional design, and consultation on target market regulations. You don't need to know anything about tea, just provide us with your ideas and budget, and leave the professional part to us.

Wholesale Tea, OEM Tea Products, OEM Tea Bag Production, Customized Tea Gift Production Flow

  1. Idea Communication: Include planning for target market, packaging format, regulatory confirmation, budgeting.
  2. Tea flavor testing: Discussion and testing of tea flavor.
  3. Packaging Confirmation: Confirm packaging specifications and regulation label review.
  4. Quote Confirmation
  5. Sample Confirmation: Confirm the product before official production.
  6. Delivery Date Confirmation
  7. Production
  8. Delivery

Tea party organizer and tea course organizer cooperation flow

  1. Idea communication: including course details, tea party target group, size, format, budget.
  2. Date Confirmation.
  3. Quote Confirmation.
  4. Event Organization.

Wholesale Tea, OEM Tea Products, OEM Tea Bag Production, Customized Tea Gift Case Sharing

Yoshantea offers a wide range of tea services both domestically and internationally. The services will be customized according to the laws and cultures of different countries. Due to the privacy of customers, only the name of the industry is provided.

  1. Wholesale Tea, OEM Tea Products, OEM Tea Bag Production Cases:
    Tea for airline flights, tea for five-star hotel, tea for resort hotel rooms, tea for restaurants, tea for tea stores, and raw materials for tea companies.
  2. Customized Tea Gift and Co-operation Cases:
    Gifts from governmental organizations, Michelin brand co-branding, airline co-branding and customized production of gift boxes, co-branding in the pastry industry, co-branding in specialty stores, co-branding in social networking sites, and customized production of branded apparel and tea gift boxes.
  3. Tea party organizer and tea course organizer Cases:
    government, school, financial industry, tea parties for VIP customers in the insurance industry, tea parties for VIP customers in the credit card industry, tea parties for VIP customers of Swiss watch brands, VIP customer events in five-star hotels, and cooperation in transportation tours.

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