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Each place of origin is a unique landscape.
These local climatic characteristics are seen through
the rich and varied flavors of oolong tea.

Li-Chih Oolong Tea
Li-Chih Oolong Tea
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807 Li-Chih Oolong Tea

Taichung City, Taiwan

This tea is grown in the Li Shan tea region in Central Taiwan at altitudes of 2500 meters and above. With few hours of sunshine, the leaves are able to grow saturated with pectin. It carries a pure floral and green apple aroma, and the brew has a smooth silky texture which complements its bright refreshing taste. Only a small quantity can be produced, so making it much more precious.

Sweet Aftertaste:Strong
Fresh 等級0 Roasted
Floral 等級1 Fruity
Brewing instruction:Oolong tea