The Journey of Tea

Things to Watch Out for on the Road to the Tea Mountains | 10 Tips to Enhance Safety on Mountain Roads.

Things to Watch Out for on the Road to the Tea Mountains | 10 Tips to Enhance Safety on Mountain Roads.
Hello everyone,

I'm Andy, a tea enthusiast.

The journey to the tea mountains is one of my favorite activities.

The breathtaking mountains along the way are truly mesmerizing.

Driving on mountain roads can be more challenging compared to flat terrain.

Today, I'd like to share 10 things to keep in mind while driving on mountain roads.

1. Check tire treads and ensure the fuel tank is full before heading uphill.
2. When going downhill, avoid constant braking and use lower gears for driving.
3. When driving at night and encountering other vehicles, dim your high beams.
4. When encountering large trucks on winding mountain roads, move to the right to give them more turning space.
5. If on an unfamiliar mountain road, follow tire tracks on the ground to determine the route. If the road is covered in moss or fallen leaves, it likely hasn't been used in a while.
6. If you encounter heavy fog, stay calm and follow the yellow road markings for slow driving.
7. Beware of sudden appearances by mountain animals, such as groups of monkeys crossing the road. If you can't brake in time, continue straight ahead, avoiding rush into cliffs or walls.
8. In remote areas with no residences nearby, if someone waves you down, do not stop. It's advisable to contact the policeman.
9. Pay attention to vegetable and fruit transport trucks, often carrying cabbage. They usually travel in convoys of several trucks. When encountering them, give way courteously.
10. If you come across small delivery trucks, yield the right of way.

Why yield to vegetable transport trucks and small delivery trucks? They are under time pressure for deliveries. You can indicate right and slightly move your car to the right, reducing your speed. This will signal trailing vehicles to pass.

These are some points to consider, and remember, driving cautiously is the quickest way to get home.

That's all for today. See you next time.

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