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What is "Old People's Tea"?

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Hello everyone,
I am Andy, a tea enthusiast from Taiwan.

In the tea culture of Taiwan, there is a special term called "老人茶" (lǎorén chá), which translates to "Old People's Tea." This type of tea is known for its unique aged and bitter flavor.

This time, I want to share with you what "老人茶" is all about.

Origin of "老人茶":

The term "老人茶" originated from memories of my grandfather. He always used a purple clay teapot and brewed dark brown, concentrated tea with slow and unhurried movements. The traditional process of brewing tea and the practice of drinking tea throughout the day evoke the image of tea as something exclusive to the elderly. However, with the increasing stress of work, nowadays only retired seniors have the opportunity to experience the leisurely enjoyment of brewing tea.

Not Limited to the Elderly:

"老人茶" is not exclusively for the elderly; it symbolizes a leisurely lifestyle. Imagine selecting a beloved teapot, savoring the fragrant tea, chatting with friends, or even skillfully demonstrating the "busy" art of tea brewing when there's nothing else to say. This turns the traditional act of brewing tea into a very enjoyable activity.

Deliciousness of "老人茶":

One of the characteristics of "老人茶" is its rich tea broth. Only a strong tea broth can stimulate the taste buds of the elderly. This intensity comes from using more tea leaves and less water, somewhat similar to the brewing method of Italian espresso. If you're not accustomed to such a strong taste, you can use fewer tea leaves or shorten the brewing time to experience a milder cup of tea.

Tea brewing doesn't have a fixed method, nor is there an absolute flavor that is universally enjoyable. Finding the brewing method that suits you is an exploratory process. Below are some different teas brewing methods for your reference.

See you next time.

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