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2024 Zhushan International Tea Ceremony Festival: Japanese Tea Ritual

2024 Zhushan International Tea Ceremony Festival: Japanese Tea Ritual

In the second week of this year's Zhushan Tea Ceremony Culture Festival, we are honored to have Mr. Shiou Tsukuda, a renowned tea ceremony instructor from Japan. With the theme "Talking About Dragons and Carp in Water," he guides us into the elegant world of tea culture.

|Spring Tea from Japan

Mr. Shiou Tsukuda introduced the tea seasons in Japan: "After the cherry blossoms fall, the tea picking season begins in Kyushu in southern Japan and gradually moves north. Especially the tea from Uji, which is harvested on the eighty-eighth night after the beginning of spring, is of the highest quality." This year's tea was picked in early May and has been carefully processed.

|The Art of Sencha

Mr. Shiou Tsukuda demonstrated the method of brewing Sencha: "Pour hot water into the teacup to cool it, then evenly spread the tea leaves in the teapot, and slowly pour in the cooled hot water. This allows the tea leaves to slowly absorb water and settle, releasing the essence of the tea."

|The Interweaving of Tea and Culture

While waiting for the first brew, Mr. Shiou Tsukuda quoted the story of "Carp Jumping Over the Dragon Gate" from the "Book of the Later Han": "In the middle reaches of the Yellow River, there is a 'Dragon Gate' where the waters are swift and turbulent, attracting many carp. Although most carp can't swim upstream, it's said that those who can swim against the current will transform into dragons." This story symbolizes effort and success, often used in celebratory designs to signify rising to prominence.

|Appreciation of Tea Cups and Saucers

The wave patterns on the saucers symbolize the process of carp jumping over the Dragon Gate, while the dragon patterns on the teacups highlight the successful transformation.

|Delving into the World of Tea

Mr. Shiou Tsukuda's tea ceremony demonstration not only allowed participants to taste high-quality Japanese tea but also gave them a deeper understanding of tea culture. He asked, "Did you enjoy today's tea and story?" Finally, he expressed his gratitude for everyone's participation and looked forward to future exchanges.

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