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What are the types of tea bags? Are Pyramid tea bags really better than flat tea bags?|Teach you how to choose safe and tasty tea bags.

What are the types of tea bags? Are Pyramid tea bags really better than flat tea bags?|Teach you how to choose safe and tasty tea bags.

Hi everyone, I'm Andy.

It is the season of picking tea recently, and it is also a good time to taste tea. However, with the busy life of modern people, they seldom have time to sit down and make a pot of good tea. Instead, they often use tea bags for brewing. Today I will share with you some knowledge about "tea bags".

- How was the tea bag born?

With the development of the industrial revolution, people have less and less leisure time. Traditional ways of drinking tea, such as Chinese Kung Fu tea, British afternoon tea, and Japanese matcha, all require a lot of time and energy, and the tea set needs to be cleaned after brewing. In order to allow people to drink tea quickly and conveniently, the product "tea bag" came into being.

- Who invented the Pyramid Pack?

Pyramid bag is a relatively new form of tea bag, which was first jointly developed by "Lipton" and "Fuso Industry Co., Ltd." in 1980. This tea bag has a triangular design, which allows more room for the tea leaves to unfold, thus releasing more aroma and flavor.

- What is the difference between a Pyramid bag and a flat tea bag?

The flat tea bag is the most common form of tea bag, and it is also a classic product of "Lipton". Flat tea bags usually use tissue paper to seal the broken tea. In the early days, they were fixed with nails. Later, for food safety considerations, they were sewn with cotton threads. The disadvantage of flat tea bags is that it is easy to squeeze the tea leaves and affect the release of taste. With the improvement of people's requirements for quality, flat crushed tea can no longer meet the market demand, so "original leaf" tea bags appeared. "Original leaf" tea bags refer to the use of whole or chopped original leaves to make tea bags. Not only is the appearance more beautiful, but also because it can be fully unfolded in the triangular three-dimensional space, the taste is more refreshing and not bitter.

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- Why do some people think that tea bags are inferior tea?
There could be several reasons for this:
1. The cost of crushed tea for tea bags is lower, but it is also easy to taste bitter.
2. Rumor has it that someone would make tea bags out of discarded tea leaves swept from the ground.
3. Tea bags lack the sense of ritual and cultural heritage of traditional kung fu tea.

- Why are some of the tea leaves in the original leaf tea bag broken?

Some of the tea leaves in the original leaf tea bag are relatively broken, mainly because the straight tea leaves are easy to break or cut during the packaging process. Such as black tea, oriental beauty and so on. It also depends on the equipment. Because the straight tea leaves are easy to be entangled together, and the feeding hole of the equipment is relatively small, so in order to make the weighing and feeding smooth, the tea leaves must be cut short. Failure to do so may result in blockage or overfilling of the feed hole.

- What should I pay attention to when buying tea bags?

In addition to quality and taste, the most important thing is food safety. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying tea bags:

1. Check whether the labels on tea bags are complete and clear, such as origin, ingredients, expiration date, etc.

2. Whether there is a pesticide test report for the tea bags.

3. Whether the tea bag inner bag, cotton rope, label, and tea bag outer bag meet the dissolution test standards for food packaging.

4. The tea bags are made of PLA corn starch.

5. Choose tea bag production products or manufacturers that have passed food safety certification, such as ISO22000, FSSC22000, etc.

6. Avoid purchasing expired or cosmetically damaged tea bag products.

7. Avoid direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity when storing tea bags.

- How to brew a cup of delicious tea bag tea?

After choosing the tea bag, it's time to make tea. Making tea may seem simple, but there are actually some tricks. Here are a few tips for making tea:

1. Choose the appropriate water temperature: Different types of tea are suitable for different water temperatures. Generally speaking, black tea, oolong tea, Pu’er tea and other highly fermented tea are suitable for brewing in boiling water; while green tea, white tea, yellow tea and other fermented Tea with low alcohol content is suitable for brewing with water at 80-90 degrees.
2. Control the time of making tea: The time of making tea will also affect the taste and concentration of tea soup. Generally speaking, black tea, oolong tea, Pu'er tea and other highly fermented tea can be steeped for 3 to 5 minutes; while green tea, white tea, yellow tea, etc. Tea and other low-fermented tea can be steeped for 1 to 3 minutes. If the time is too long, it may cause bitterness; if the time is too short, it may be bland.
3. Add other ingredients in moderation: Some people like to add some other ingredients when drinking tea, such as milk, sugar, honey, lemon, etc. These ingredients can add aroma and flavor to the tea soup, and can also adjust the sweetness and acidity according to personal preference. However, be careful not to add too many or unsuitable ingredients, or it may spoil the original tea taste.


Tea bags are a convenient and fast drink for modern people, but to drink safe and delicious tea bags, you need to pay attention to some details. From purchasing to brewing tea, there are some tips to help you enjoy a better tea-tasting time. I hope this article can be helpful to you, and you are welcome to leave a message to share your favorite tea bag or brewing method. I'm Andy, see you next time!

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