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The secret of brewing tea with a purple clay pot | Understand the principle and method of drinking tea at once.

The secret of brewing tea with a purple clay pot | Understand the principle and method of drinking tea at once.

Hi, I'm Andy. After this busy food fair, many people are interested in brewing tea, especially with a purple clay pot. Some people may think that purple clay pots are only for the elderly, but they can make your tea more fragrant and richer. In this article, I will give you some tips and methods for brewing tea.

- Principle and method of brewing tea
The basic principle of brewing tea is to dissolve the flavor and taste of the tea leaves in water. You can use any utensil that brings water and tea leaves into contact, such as a teapot, mug or glass.

- What is the difference between brewing tea with a purple clay pot and other tools?
The main difference is in the concentration of the tea. Brewing tea with a purple clay pot is like making espresso, while brewing tea with other tools is like making American coffee. Purple clay pots usually use more tea leaves and less water, and brew at a high temperature for a short time, so you can taste the full aroma and mouthfeel of the tea leaves. Other tools tend to use less tea leaves and more water, and brew at a lower temperature for a longer time, so you can taste the sweet flavor of the tea leaves. So don't expect a mug to produce the same rich tea as a purple clay pot, or you'll end up with a bitter and unpleasant tea.

- What do you need to look out for when brewing tea?
The most important factors are water quality and temperature. It is recommended that you use mineral water and boil the water to get the best tea. If your tea is of good quality, you can brew it using any method and still get a delicious cup of tea.

- Does expensive teaware make better tea?
Not necessarily. Good tea ware depends mainly on material and design, not on price or appearance. Good teaware should have a clean and tasteless material that does not affect the taste or texture of the water. It should also have a design that allows the tea leaves to brew well and feel comfortable on the lips. A good user experience is the most important requirement for good teaware.

Brewing tea need not be complicated or expensive. You can use the tools you have at hand and still enjoy a nice cup of tea. Here are some traditional and modern methods of brewing tea for your reference. You can save them to your phone and use them whenever you want to make tea.

See you next time.

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