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Exploring the Flavors of Tea in the Mountains: The Origin of the Yoshantea Logo

Exploring the Flavors of Tea in the Mountains: The Origin of the Yoshantea Logo
Hello, everyone:
I am Andy from Yoshantea.
The logo of Yoshantea is filled with elements from the mountains and forests, with a prominent pair of "Taiwan Yuhina". Why use these elements? Today, we will discuss the origin of the Yoshantea’s logo.
In the logo of Yoshantea, there is a pair of male and female Taiwan Yuhina, accompanied by tea trees, oolong tea flowers in the center, and " Formosan Firethorn fruits” surrounding them.
When we visit the tea mountains, we can hear the loud calls of the Taiwan Yuhina coming from the forest. These birds inhabit the beautiful forests of Taiwan, which happen to be similar in terms of environment and altitude to the tea-growing regions.
The Taiwan Yuhina is a Taiwan native species with distinctive chestnut-brown crests on their heads. They always appear spirited and eye-catching, with a striking appearance and pleasant calls that echo through the mountains. Taiwan Yuhina is usually found in groups in the upper layers of broadleaf forests and mixed needle-leaf and broadleaf forests at medium to high altitudes. In winter, they may migrate to lower-altitude mountain areas. Taiwan Yuhina is monogamous for life and one of the few bird species that live in groups and cooperatively build nests. Their beautiful habitat and lifestyle are also part of the Yoshantea way of life.
In the center, there are tea trees, and on top, oolong tea flowers are featured, emphasizing Yoshantea commitment to tea.
Surrounding them are Formosan Firethorn fruits, which are the food source for Taiwan Yuhina, completing the emblem of Yoshantea.
That's all we're sharing with you today. See you next time.

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