The Journey of Tea

[Tea life] Grand Teapot by Agricultural Field

[Tea life] Grand Teapot by Agricultural Field

uring the tea plucking season, there will always be a large metallic teapot on the site by the field. 


Disposable cups will be placed to cover the spout of the pot, and they are available for those who are in need of a quick drink.

Normally, tea stems will be steeped in this teapot, which is a by-product of refined teas.


Tea stems contain sufficient glutamate, which can be seen as a natural MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). For this reason, it tastes refreshing and light but without too much taste. 


Nevertheless, after being fired under high temperature, the tea stems will deliver a hint of nicerice aroma.


Now, the aroma and the taste are in place. However, it tastes much lighter compared with tea leaves.


Still, there is a solution to brewing this special gift.


Grab a generous handful of tea stems, and put them into a large teapot.


Pour boiling water in and wait for it to steep for 20 minutes. Bon Appétit! 


In the case of experiencing very humid and hot weather, adding plenty of ice cubes is also acceptable, which will ensure you to have pleasant and enjoyable satisfactions.