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[Tea Terrier] Frost Damage to Tea Trees

[Tea Terrier] Frost Damage to Tea Trees

Frost damage, which is a term widely discussed among people for this year’s spring high mountain tea.

During the night, the plant’s heat dissipation is slow, with a low temperature of the Earth's surface, causing the release of water vapor being slow and frosting on the surface of the leaves.

In the early morning, we see a field of burnt tea plantation. We then have to cut off the black burnt parts as soon as possible so that the tea leaves can start its next cycle of growth.

How to avoid frost damage?

A common way is to put on fans which blow the warm air from the upper layer to the tea trees.

Fans are widely seen in Japan.

It is more commonly seen in the Lishan tea region in Taiwan.

Take a closer look at the frost damage on the tea leaves, which is like burnt and crispy after heating.

There are parts of fresh leaves on the burnt leave, which is the result after cutting from the frost damage on the tea trees.