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Does higher elevation mean better tea?

Does higher elevation mean better tea?

The number of meters in the tea growing area represents the price of tea, which was the definition of tea price in the early days.

If the higher the altitude of the tea plantation area, the more expensive the price, is the tea really better?

Today, I'd like to explain to you the relationship between the altitude of the growing area and the taste of the tea.

- Why is the higher the tea plantation area, the more expensive the tea?
Influencing factors include the following,
1. Cost of tea garden maintenance: The growth of tea trees is also affected by the weather. If the weather is too cold, tea trees can be harvested about twice a year; if the weather is hot, tea trees can be harvested up to seven times a year. At high altitudes, Qingxin Oolong is also favored. Qingxin Oolong tends to be delicate and is relatively expensive to care for.
2. Cost of producing the tea: The higher the altitude of the tea area, the higher the transportation cost and the higher the labour cost. The labour costs include accommodation, food, tea picking, withering, firing, rolling, curling, etc., and the costs are higher than those in low and mid-altitude areas.
3. Rarity: Different tea regions have unique terroirs. Due to the rarity of tea, which is "I've got it, you haven't got it", the price of tea is relatively high.

- What is good tea?
Tea that makes you feel good after drinking it is good tea.
What is comfortable? Everyone has different preferences, bitterness, astringency, sweetness, sourness.
High-altitude tea has a high sweetness and thick flavor and low bitterness due to the cold climate and short sunshine. If sweetness is your preference, high mountain tea is the tea for you. If you like to drink tea with rich layers, tea leaves from middle altitude will be a good choice, because with enough sunshine, tea is more likely to have multiple flavors such as bitterness, astringency, sweetness and sweetness. Technology also greatly influences tea's taste. Even if there are excellent climatic conditions, if there is no excellent tea-maker, it cannot be called high quality tea.

- Does higher priced tea mean better?
The price of tea is influenced by many factors. Tea should not be judged by its price, but by the way it is used. If tea is priced too low, food safety issues should be prioritized alongside factors that pose health risks such as pesticide residues. More attention should be paid to the problem of food fraud, such as import tea masquerading as Taiwanese tea.

In conclusion, the next time you taste tea, try not to look at the price, but to feel the sensation of each tea with your own body. I hope you can choose the tea that suits you. See you next time.

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