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Is the tea with one bud and two leaves better to drink? |Understanding the flavor of tea leaves at one time

Is the tea with one bud and two leaves better to drink? |Understanding the flavor of tea leaves at one time

Hello everyone, I am Yoshantea Andy.

In Taiwan, one bud and two leaves are the accepted standard for tea picking.

But why not pick all the buds or all mature leaves, or five leaves with one bud?

Today I want to talk to you about tea leaves,

- What are one bud and two leaves?

The tea leaves are on the tea tree, the top tender leaf is the bud, and the next two leaves are the mature leaves.

When the tea leaves are stretched in the water, it can be found that there are several large leaves, and the young leaf is like small bamboo shoots as the bud. The buds and mature leaves are connected by a tea branch.

- Why pick one heart and two leaves?

Sun-drying and stirring are the necessary steps to make oolong tea. These steps promote the fermentation (oxidation) of the tea leaves, and only the tea with one bud and two leaves can withstand the test of these steps.

If only the young bud is picked, it is easy to cause damage to the young bud during the sun exposure and stirring process, which will make the flavor of the tea not good.

- What are the benefits of one bud and two leaves?

The advantage is that the taste is balanced and can be brewed in high-temperature water. Why do you say that, bud has an aftertaste, but bitter and astringency. The leaves taste sweet and have a good aroma, but they are not aftertaste and are relatively light. One bud and two leaves have a sweet aftertaste and a good aroma. When brewing at high temperatures, the bitterness of the buds is diluted by the leaves, and the lightness of the leaves is thickened by the bud.

Mature leaf
Tastethe aftertaste, but bitter and astringency 
sweet, no aftertaste

- Is one bud and two leaves the best tea?

Not necessarily, this must be adjusted according to the condition of the tea. One bud and two leaves are tender to the touch. If one bud has three leaves or one bud has four leaves that are tender to the touch, they should all be picked and used. It is impossible to judge the quality of tea flavor by visual inspection.

- Why doesn't my tea have a bud?

If the tea leaves have no buds, there are two possibilities.

1. Accidentally broken during the tea production process.

2. The bud is too mature and has grown into a leaf. If you pay attention to the end of the tea stem, there will be a small bud.

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